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Company Description

Managing nearly 10,000 acres of agricultural lands in the district of Ka‘ū, Ka‘ū Farms Management acts as the primary business for the Edmund C. Olson II Trust and provides several agricultural services, including:

    • Water systems: Tapping into carefully restored historical sugar plantation irrigation ducts and reservoirs high up in the forests, built in the 1920s and before. New water systems benefit farmers and their families in the district of Ka‘ū, as well as the Trust’s own agricultural enterprise.
    • Hydroelectric plant: A powerful outcome of the restored water systems is the company’s new hydroelectric plant, which incorporates historical materials and will soon generate enough power for the Trust’s Ka‘ū Coffee Mill and macadamia nut husking operations. Any extra energy to be generated will be sold to the island’s utility grid.
    • Coffee: Ka‘ū Farms Management tends to approximately 60 acres of coffee in Pāhala. The beans are processed, roasted, and sold at the Trust’s affiliate Ka‘ū Coffee Mill.
    • Macadamia nuts: Ka‘ū Farms Management farms more than 500 acres of mac nut orchards, with harvests topping 1.5 million pounds of nuts annually (wet-in-shell) destined for the Trust’s affiliate Hāmākua Macadamia Nut Company. Another 600 acres of macadamia nuts under its ownership are leased to another grower.
    • Agricultural leases: Agriculture was the lifeline for Ka‘ū until the closure of sugar operations, in 1996. The alternative to unemployment became work at the Kona – Kohala resorts, a daily four-hour commute. Today, farmers in Ka‘ū find new opportunities through agricultural leases on Ka‘ū Farms Management lands. Approximately 20 tenants, some with more than one lot, are already successfully farming a variety of crops, including coffee, taro, asparagus, brassica, and greens. Cattle ranchers lease an additional 7,000-some acres for pasture lands.

Contact Person: Troy Keolanui
Phone: (808) 934-9200